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"Eagles In The Midst," is more than just a book to encourage and inspire you. This book is about your identity, and how you are not the sum total of challenges, setbacks or problems in your life. Your life is about something greater, something more. You are the "more," the hope in someone else's life. Your life has value not only for yourself, but also for others. There is someone else in the world who cannot overcome if you don't overcome. Just like the great Bald Eagle, there is a time when they actually go through a wilderness period that literally becomes a matter of life or death, spiritually and physically. You are like an eagle, created to soar above the betrayal, pain, and rejection you've experienced. You are greater than what you have seen, you are more the what you've done, and your value is far beyond anything you have experienced in life.

Eagles In The Midst: Overcoming The Wilderness!

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